Seat Ibiza cruise control retrofitting part 3: A new day, a new BCM

Two weeks ago I got a new 087 BCM that did not have an accompanying letter after the model number. This was from a 2008 Seat Ibiza. The BCM had 4 bytes missing in the coding, but on my original 086 said bytes were 0x00. After some fiddling with coding and DTC clearing it still kept throwing a DTC claiming that the control module was incorrectly coded. I sent the part back to the nice lithaunian gentleman who sold it to me.

Today I received yet another BCM, this time british with a model number ending with an 087 H. Looking at some lists of versions and the like, this seemed like one of the newer ones. This was taken from a 2011 Seat Ibiza, so close enough to my 2010 that it shouldn’t be an issue.

Since I’ve swapped the BCM back and forth a dozen or so times, the new BCM was installed and coded in less than five minutes. This one had the correct number of bytes and accepted the coding without issue. It threw a couple of DTC just like the previous attempt, and for a moment I thought I had bought another item destined for return shipping. Then I remembered this BCM was from a car sold in a country with right hand drive. I flipped a couple of bits telling the module it was no longer in opposite land and voilá, no errors reported.

I drove for a couple of kilometers testing all the different functions in the car and everything works as intended. The BCM upgrade is therefore declared a success. Now I just need to order the cruise control.

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