Seat Ibiza cruise control retrofitting part 1

I have a 2010 Seat Ibiza reference model without any bells and whistles. After a long drive to the balkans and back I realized that cruise control might not be such a bad idea. The car came with a body control module (BCM) that does not support the magic of cruise control. For this I needed to source a new BCM with the model number being something like xxx-937-087 or higher. The 087 indicates a non-shitty version of the BCM which is included in the non-cheap versions of the car. The car itself is based on the VW Polo/Skoda Fabia (i.e. is the same as) meaning any BCM for the same year and engine for any of the VAG brands will work. All this seemingly specific information can be found at the Ross-Tech wiki.

Sourcing a BCM is surprisingly simple and a gentleman from Poland sent me one in exchange for money, less than 100 EUR if I remember correctly. The picture below shows that it is in fact the correct model, but is missing a couple of pins that are needed for the cruise control to work.

Knowing the price of shipping something from Denmark to Poland, I decided to just keep the BCM and see if I can’t add the missing pins. Opening the BCM is straightforward, you just click it open. I used some long pin headers as pins and soldered them in as seen below. It looks like pins aren’t connected to anything, but a quick continuity test revelaed that they in fact are connected to the rest of the board, just not on the side that is visible. This was a 10 minute soldering job and the results are satisfying.

Missing pins soldered in

Connector after soldering

Will it work? Stay tuned to find out.

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